Viewing an event and its details                           Organizers can add map details and comments                            Weather cards for each day 

Acorn Adventures is a smartphone app that helps people plan and organize adventures with their friends and family. It lets a single or multiple trip organizers add packing lists, gear sharing templates, plan meals, delegate tasks, distribute costs socialistically, provide insider knowledge about terrain, DIY gear hacks, and more. 
This app is a work in progress, and a passion project between myself and my partner William Key. We wanted to create a tool to decrease barriers to adventure. My role has been as researcher, designer, and minor iOS developer. 
Our 12 interviewees represented a diversity of adventurers who's ages ranged from 25-68, their self described abilities ranged from amateur to expert, with primary adventures like weekend fishing trips, bike-packing across entire countries, and 20+ people camp-outs in a converted school bus. 
After the interviews we coded, diagramed, then synthesized. We created four personas with a point of view statement for each. Our four personas were: The Self-Reliant Traveler, The Ultra Planner, The Active Participant, and The Fish-Out-of-Water. 
We developed 7 insights and 2 How Might We statements to guide our work: 
1) How might we encourage people to share in an effort to reduce materialism, facilitate collaboration, and lower the barrier to entry?

2) How might we create a sense of ownership over the adventure for all participants in an effort to increase trust in the group and enjoyment of the adventure?

           Affinity diagramming interview data                                                       Personas and POVs                                         Insights and How Might We

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