Cababa Wood Eats is an interactive recipe book created to help Kyle Cababa Wood feel more confidant when cooking for his family. 
As the sole assignment for a Design Methods class, my team spent 3 months researching Kyle’s cooking process and designing a way to help or enhance that experience.
This book is full of activities and prompts which engage the whole family in the cooking process. The family can fill the book with recipes that are meaningful to them. The result is more than just a collection of recipes, it is a participatory experience which builds memories and expands the cooking process beyond the kitchen.  
Research methods used include: a family sized cultural probes kit with love/hate letters, a photo journal, documentary style video submission, and more, an ethnographic study, participatory design workshop, and interviews from the whole family.

Collaborators: Raisa Janjua, Sophia Cababba Wood, and Maverick Garces.
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